The Christ, Ratu Adil & Satria Piningit–Revealed?! Part 1

The Great Expectation

At this crucial point of transition between the world-cycles of the Piscean and the Aquarian Age, and with all the suffering and pain that humanity is experiencing–the various injustices that tyrants are afflicting the innocent masses, not to mention the descent of negative karma in its myriad of forms as described in Revelations as the “seven last plagues,” it is understandable that humanity cry-out for a Saviour to save it from a sensed future destruction. The way greed, separatism, racialism, egoism, corruption, conflict, fanaticism, terrorism, and ignorance are being expressed in politics, religion, business and corporate institutions, and social life, it seems that there can only be one possible outcome in the immediate future and that is the total destruction of the human race, or at least the kind of human civilization that we have come to know. The decadence of morality, the ignorance of the purpose and goal of life, the degeneration of cultural values, the exploitation of natural resources and human beings, ecological imbalances, and the misuse and abuse of technology, all of these have brought mankind to the brink of possible extinction; or to the imaginable return to a primitive condition as a result of a natural or a man-made holocaust–as scientific predictions foretell. It is the same story of Atlantis all over again. The potential destruction of human civilization lies at the end of every evolutionary phase of the world. It is the darkness just before the dawn.

The Vishnu Purana prophesied what would occur at the end of the Kali Yuga, our present world-cycle, or the “Jaman Edan (Insane Age)” of the Indonesian King, Jayabaya, who lived centuries ago:

“Thus in the Kali Yuga shall decay constantly proceed until the human race approaches annihilation. When the close of the Kali Age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being who exists in his own spiritual nature, Kalki Avatara, shall descend upon earth, endowed with the eight superhuman faculties. He will establish righteousness upon earth . . . ”

And again:

“There will be temporal monarchs, reigning over the earth, kings of churlish spirit, violent temper and addicted to constant falsehood and cruelty. They will inflict death on women and children and they will seize upon the property of their subjects. Their lives will be short, their desires insatiable. People of various countries will intermingle. Wealth will decrease, until the world will be wholly demoralized. Thus in the Kali Age, will decay continue. Then at the end of the Kali Yuga, the Kalki Avatar will descend upon earth. He will establish righteousness.”

Whether the destruction of civilization would actually occur rests fully on the shoulders of each and every habitant of this planet. We have the choice of progressing or regressing, evolving or devolving; the choice of obeying or violating Cosmic law and harmony. In order to survive this millennium and to ameliorate our future and the future of our children, our children’s children, it is expedient that we improve the quality of our morality, our consciousness, our awareness, our mentality; in fact, our holistic being. Humans, in general, feel weak in dealing with social and political problems and so are on the look-out for some charismatic figure who would solve its problems; and yet, within Man lies uncovered tremendous wisdom, power, and love that could establish goodwill among men, brotherhood, unity, peace, and cooperation. One of our basic problems is that we mistakenly believe that our religion, path, doctrine, teaching, perspective, party, group, etc., to be the only Truth and wish to impose it upon others. Does not Light have various colors? Does not the beauty of a diamond shine because of its many facets?

Beneath this fear and trepidation of a prospect of total annihilation that besets mankind, a ray of hope lives on in the hearts of humanity for the advent of an authoritative spiritual figure to guide mankind away from its follies and to initiate and implement certain changes in a positive and constructive direction leading toward a Golden Age, or an utopian civilization where the rights and freedom of every individual, group, race, creed, and nation are respected and honored; where all suffering and pain are eradicated; where every tear is wiped away by the hand of God; where the streams overflow with milk and honey; where justice, righteousness, and goodwill toward all beings rule in the hearts of every man, woman, and child. The above quotation from the Vishnu Purana mentions this Saviour, the Kalki Avatar, and what he will establish is the long awaited Kingdom of Heaven made manifest on earth–the New Jerusalem, a kingdom that every pious Christian, and almost every being hope to one day be a part of. The Kalki Purana also mentions this Saviour, and his response to the cries of humanity:

“At your request I shall take birth in the abode of Shamballa. I shall again place the two rulers, Maru and Devapi, on earth. I shall create Satya-Yuga and restore the Dharma to its former condition and after destroying the serpent Kali, I shall return to my own abode.”

Even Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita declares his Request personal prophecy appearance at various intervals in the world of form:

“Whenever sacred duty decay and chaos prevails, then, I create myself, Arjuna. To protect men of virtue and destroy men who do evil, to set the standard of sacred duty, I appear in age after age.” (Chap. 4, 6-7)

What sort of a person is this Saviour? What are his or her characteristics? What will the Savior’s main objective be? How will the Savior function? What cosmic principle would he embody or emphasize in his teachings? What aspect of God would he promulgate? Will he display “supernatural” signs or miracles? Where and when will the Savior appear or re-appear? Is it true that this Saviour is one of the ancient prophets or spiritual leaders come again? Is this Saviour a myth or is he real? Is the Savior an impersonal principle within the higher consciousness of man? How may we recognize the Saviour? What will this Saviour really save us from? And what is Salvation? Who are the two rulers, Maru and Devapi mentioned above? Are they one and the same as the saviors expected by Indonesians–Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit?

Before continuing with our main theme, perhaps we should deal briefly with the subject of salvation. Salvation goes by many names: moksha, enlightenment, perfection, Self-realization, etc. Humanity’s biggest enemy is Ignorance, and all world saviours since the beginning of time have sought to awaken humanity from its spiritual slumber. Ignorance is mental darkness, whereas knowledge is light. Salvation is the act of kindling and nourishing a spiritual flame within the heart and soul that it may once again shine brightly and recognize, merge, and unite with its Source. We must emerge out of the limited point of view that there is a “chosen people” who will be saved by a representative of the Supreme Being. The chosen people are those who choose to be saved, and not chosen by some Intelligence. Messiahs and spiritual teachers of the past have outlined a way for us to follow that leads to salvation, but we allow our primitive natures to take control instead. The newly-awakened soul yearns for salvation for various reasons. Below we quote from one of the monthly periodical of the Self-Realization Fellowship the various reasons why we should desire Salvation:

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