Step by Step Instructions to Transfer Locked Whois Protected Domains From RegisterFly

If you have any domains with RegisterFly then you’re probably aware of the ongoing fiasco with RegisterFly and ICANN. Over the years, RegisterFly has failed to comply with many ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) rules. As a results, ICANN has recently revoked the ICANN seal of approval from RegisterFly.

Many people have lost domains (over 70,000 have been lost) due to numerous website problems, and RegisterFly’s failure to follow ICANN rules. If you are one of these people, you should contact ICANN to try and resolve the dispute.

Many people also have domains they would like to transfer from RegisterFly to a new domain registrar. In order to this, your domain must be unlocked and you also need the authorization / EPP code which is only attainable from your RegisterFly account. Unforunately, RegisterFly is NOT providing these authorization / EPP codes, which makes transfers impossible.

Under regular circumstances, a domain transfer works like this:

-Pick a registrar you would like to transfer your domains too, follow their instructions to submit a domain transfer request.

-You must attain the authorization / EPP codes from your existing registrar.

-The transfer process will be started, you will then need to provide the authorization / EPP code for each domain you would like to transfer.

To successfully transfer your locked, whois press release software in 2022 protected (privacy protected) domains from RegisterFly, follow these steps:

1. Go to RegisterFly and create a brand new free account (it must be a new account), use a new email address and username to do so. Make sure your contact information is correct.

2. Login to your existing RegisterFly account and click on the “Change of Ownership” tab, and select “internal push to other user”.

3. Follow the instructions to “push” the domains to the new RegisterFly account you created in step 1. When asked for a list of domains to push, enter all the domains you would like to transfer to a new registrar of your choice.

*Make sure to check “Change Whois Contact Information” when pushing your domains*

4. Once you have completed the internal domain push, log out of your main RegisterFly account and log into your newly created RegisterFly account where you pushed the domains.

5. Click on “Manage Domains”, and go through (click on) each domain you would like to transfer, one at a time, following these steps to get the authorization code:

-If your Domain Status says “Locked”, click on the “Locked” link, and follow the instructions to unlock the domain.

-Your domain should no longer have whois protection (privacy protection) enabled since it has been transferred to your new account.

-Click on the “Domains” tab on the right side of the screen to expand it (it may already be expanded).

-Click on “Whois Contact Information”.

-On the whois contact information page, scroll down to the bottom and look for “Authorization Code”, your authorization / EPP code will be right underneat this text, and should look something like this: hw3y6cNJ71

-Go to your new registrar where you are transffering your domains, and enter your authorization / EPP code into the form provided.

-Your registrar will likely send you an email confirmation message for each domain you’ve transferred, follow the instructions in the email.

6. Your done!

That’s it, if you’ve followed the instructions you should be able to transfer your RegisterFly domains to a new registrar of your

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