Retirement In Poverty – Face Your Destiny Or Escape The Rat Race

Today millions of people are living below the poverty limit. These people are stretching each paycheck to reach the end of the month trying to avoid credit card debt and payday loans. These people are a living the unforgiving life, exchanging precious time for money and filling out their little part of the big puzzle, called The Rat Race, just to find out, that there is always too much month left at the end of the paycheck

Have you ever spent a lot of money that you did not have, or bought a car or a house and had to loan all the money? Wasting your life with Years in Debt and with huge Mortgages, forced to live from paycheck to paycheck, without a chance of getting ahead. Are you stuck in the same job and are expecting more but are just not getting there? Are you are overdue for a pay raise but there is “no budget for a pay raise these days”? Does the company retirement plan bring out a grin on your face when you look at it, or do you need postpone retirement until the age of 137 years old before it will match your needs?

Retirement In Poverty?

Most people working in the corporate business are working hard to support their family and lifestyle. Because of the hectic work pace and low pay, weeks and months fly by, without any time for planning. Running a too tight budget, without any room for, hobbies, escape room vacations, holidays and many other relaxing and stress relieving stuff. Un-budgeted expenses!! Need a new washer or dryer? Did you have a flat tire on the way to work, or did you get a large extra bill? Things like these drain your credit and emergency savings account. Fatal expenses! Spouse or child getting sick or disabled. Losing an income, or receiving huge medical bills will send you on a financial free fall, ending up way down, broke and facing Retirement In Poverty.

Face Your Destiny

You can choose to face all the obstacles of life, and all the hurdles from the bad choices you have made in your life, and not do anything about it. You can choose to accept all the things life throws at you, accept the fact that when you reach your retirement, you have NO savings and your income will be cut in half or worse. Do you thrust the government to take care of you after you have worked all your life and paid taxes? Do you think that there will be any funds left, after the “baby boomers”? Are you one of the millions of people there are facing your destiny with retirement in poverty, and not being able to relax and enjoy your life with family and friends? Many people just close their eyes and hope for the best, knowing that they one day will have to wake up face the harsh reality, as their destiny.

Escape the Rat Race

Working in the corporate business, you often get stuck in the same routine, day after day, year after year. Often working for minimum pay or the maximum is so low that it’s not worth the extra hours that follow the money. If you choose to wake up, or suddenly are forced to, it is a shocking surprise to many. Downsizing and setting up a strict budget will help. Selling most of your stuff, and not replace it with new, will help too. In almost all cases this is not enough. To set the score straight and to right all the wrongs, you need to sit down and rethink your financial plan of life. How much money do you need, and how much money do you want. When do you need money, and how do you plan on getting them.

Work more, exchange more time for money. This plan works for some people, but for how long can you keep up with having long hours, stress, and having to face the fact that you never see your family and loved ones. This plan has a lot of dangerous faults, and will strain you and the relationship with the people you love. What will you do if you get ill, and have no emergency savings?

Get out! Escape the Rat Race NOW!

Seek new options of income. There are many other options of income, but a lot of them are expensive, and some are risky. What you need is a proven plan for financial success, were you can focus your newfound motivation to set your life right, and get the lifestyle you deserve. Start to improve your life, Escape the Rat Race now, you already know where that road ends, and you deserve more!

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