Online Fax – Why You Never Have to Miss Another Fax Again

We have all been there, that important fax gets lost or misplaced, ending up on another person’s desk or it gets thrown in the waste basket by mistake. For any company or business which relies upon faxing to bring in sales and communicating with its customers and clients, these misplaced or lost faxes can have a negative effect on the smooth running of your business. In some cases, it may even negatively affect your bottom line.

Mainly because missed faxes can cost you or your company money.

That’s one of the major reasons why many businesses are turning to a new way of faxing: Internet or Online Fax. This new way of faxing works by using your computer and the Internet to send and receive all your faxes. And because you use your email system and your web connection – you never have to miss another fax again. Ever.

In order to use online fax, you must first sign-up to an Internet Fax Service Provider who will give you your own local (or toll-free) fax number which you can give out to all your clients and customers. You are also given an online site or interface where your faxes are stored. You can simply logon to your online account to send and receive all your faxes. Your faxes are sent in an email as attachments, usually as a TIFF or PDF although there are countless other formats you can use so check with your provider to discover which ones you can use.

When a fax arrives, you are notified by email and you can read it immediately. These faxes can be stored on your computer and they will also be stored in your online fax account. Again, check with your fax provider to see how long your faxes are stored online, while your faxes are secure, many prudent users delete faxes containing sensitive company matters once they are read.

The reason online faxing is so beneficial, you can store all your faxes on your computer and you can view them at any time. No more scrambling through piles of paper to find that important fax from last month. All your faxes can be easily accessed and read. If you need a hard-copy of any important fax, you can use your computer printer to print it off. You can also send numerous faxes simultaneously, which is important if you want to reach a large group of contacts quickly.

Plus, since online fax uses your email system and the More info Internet, you can send and receive a fax anywhere anytime – as long as you have web service and these days that’s just about everywhere. You can do all your faxing via any mobile device such as a cell phone or laptop… as long as these devices are connected to the Internet. No more trips back to the office at 10 o’clock at night to retrieve that all important fax.

Again, if your company or business, depends upon faxing to bring in sales and to communicate with your clients, one can easily see why using such a service will make your business more competitive. In these tough economic times, companies need every little advantage they can muster. Having a business that’s running and accessible 24/7, 365 days of the year is indeed an advantage.

In addition, online fax can make your company more competitive mainly because most of these fax services are completely scalable for business. If you have to quickly increase or decrease your number of fax lines, you can do this almost instantly because there is no hardware to install. Since everything is done via the web (cloud computing) you don’t need an extra fax phone line to receive your faxes. Also remember, with online faxing you don’t need a fax machine so you won’t have the expense of inks, papers, toners or even fax machine maintenance for that matter. It can mean significant savings for a company, especially over the long haul.

Online faxing is also relatively inexpensive when compared to the traditional way of faxing. As mentioned before you don’t need an extra fax phone line and monthly service charges run around $10 a month, but there are less expensive options out there, especially if your faxing needs are minimum. So it pays to shop around and check out the different providers and options available to you before you sign up. Always remember, by simply using an online fax service you will never have to miss another fax again.

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