Is the Holy Spirit Leading You to Rebuke or Your Flesh?

For years I have watched and listened to people on the Internet call leaders in the faith false prophets and false teachers and found it quite interesting to a point… that was until I saw them have a go at John Bevere, one of my favourite authors. It was when someone attacked John that I began to think not all is right and above board with these “watchmen” or people that point out the false teachings and false teachers.

Let me tell you a story first.

I was surprised once when a blog started and in a search under my own name I found a person having a go at me. It was more personal and now it wasn’t about a speaker and author I admire but it was speaking about myself and how I am false. A person felt the need to say that an image in one of the you tube prophecies that I did was a sign that meant the opposite to what I said it did.

At first I was shocked and wrote into the blog and tried to explain my position and myself and yet as often it is when we are attacked emotions are involved and we are not thinking our best. With sometime in the Bible, care writing and choosing my words and revision, I admit I could have done a lot better job at explaining my position.

Yet as often as I tried to explain my position more people joined in and added to the attack calling me to repent of my actions and openly confess that the prophecy I did was done in my flesh and I was to not only take it down from you tube but to admit that it did not come from God.

The blog continued to grow as more people stepped in to try and “correct me” They were all so sure that they were “right” and I was “out of order” that I am sure that they cannot be convinced at all, that the “tone” of their comments has been unloving and prideful.

The blog has caused me great distress and I have to admit that on more then a few occasions in my posts I have expressed anger and hurt in my responses and got allot into the flesh. And so for that I am repentant.

But do you know it is the Holy Spirit that convicts and not you

One example of the Holy Spirit convicting is when a person is first saved and they decide that they have to get a job where wages are declared and taxes are paid and it is not just a cash in the hand job. The law says we should pay taxes and has been around as long as the person could understand the law, and yet strangely only when the person was saved and the Holy Spirit came and lived within them, did they act on the law and change their life so that they were obeying the law.

For years this person had thought it was okay to have a cash in hand job and yet soon after they are saved they do not think it is okay.

What changed?

The Holy Spirit convicted him.

Many people in the Christian world think they are the Holy Spirit and that it is their job to read out their idea of the letter of the Law out to people. The Law kills and yet the Holy Spirit gives not only conviction, but the DESIRE to change.

Many Christians shout pretty loud about Homosexuality or other sins whilst gays continue in their lifestyles as though no one is saying anything. Yet when a gay man is convicted by the Holy Spirit about his sexuality and the practice of his fornication, then the Holy Spirit gives him the DESIRE to change and the POWER to change.

Talk by you and I cannot and will not convict a person even if we call it a rebuke. It is only when the Holy Spirit asks us to mention a sin to a person that the Holy Spirit empowers that person to change.

To be honest in my whole Christian life I can only count on one hand how many times the Holy Spirit has told me to put my finger on another person’s sin. Request prophetic word But hundreds of times I have been guilty of speaking out in the Law and in my own dead flesh thinking I was doing the right thing.

Do you know the difference between when I was called to mention a sin to a person led by the Holy Spirit or when I spoke in the flesh by the spirit of the Law?

The times when the Holy Spirit led me the person repented and left behind their sinful habit!

I am not sure if you got that.

I said, that when the Holy Spirit really led me to put my finger on a person sin, the Holy Spirit not only convicted the person, but gave them the desire to quit the sin and the power to do so.

Many times the Holy Spirit has put his finger in sins in my life and I have taken a while to repent of the sins and break free of them. Some of them I am still working on letting go. So there is a choice a person has in repentance for is there wasn’t there would be no free will.

The people on the blog have asked me to repent of the prophecy I have done, to take it down and even to stop walking in the prophetic I think. But if I feel the Lord spoke though me in the prophecy and the Lord called me to do the prophecy… how can I repent of obeying the Lord?

I think that sometimes people get a greater sense of their own holiness and righteousness by pointing out what they perceive or know to be faults in other peoples lives rather than getting on and purifying their own life. Jesus spoke into this when he said we need to remove the plank from our own eyes before we try and remove a speck from another persons eyes.

I am called to follow and obey the Lord and to prophesy over the people the Lord calls me to prophesy over.I run a prophetic website that gets between 20 and 50 requests a week and I do a lot of them. I will continue to prophesy over people that request a prophetic word from the Lord until the Lord calls me to stop.

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