Factors Contributing To Weight Loss Post Menopause

Shedding those extra pounds post menopause is not an unattainable goal. It is extremely well within the reach for women who are able to take time to learn dealing with the unique challenges brought upon by menopause.

In order to reduce weight, there are a number of approaches which every woman must know. There are subtle differences which make these challenging. If you are able to differentiate amongst these, your mind will generate the self-confidence and calmness that is associated with staying healthy, slender and vibrant.

The two most significant ones are:


  • The decrease in the need for calories


Post menopause, the need for nutrients including fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates continues. However, the need for the body to consume calories decreases. So, you need to eat foods which have a high content of nutrients but are low on sweet and empty calories. The best sources for these nutrients are complex, unprocessed hydrocarbons, vegetables and fruits. You can also try meats such as fowl and fish.

Exercising and calorie control go hand in hand. People who eat regularly and engage in some form of exercising, lose weight. For a healthy body, you need to take twenty minutes every day for exercise. If you suffer from some health problems, it would be better to start exercising by consulting your physician first.


  • The calcium requirement of body


As your body matures, the bones lose their solidity and become fragile. This is because they start getting weak. Due to the increased nutrition requirement, they are generally left starving. Women in their post menopausal phase generally experience osteoporosis, a condition which causes bone porosity and fragility. In such a case, exercising with a proper intake of calcium significantly slows down the degeneration of bones. So, make sure to include a proper supplement for fulfilling the calcium requirements of the body in your exercising regime.

For successful weight loss of post menopausal weight, you must eat at the right time and in the right quantity.


  • Eating at the right time


Studies have shown that eating small and frequent meals during the day while maintaining the regular normal intake of the daily calories significantly lowers the tendency of the body to store fats.

When you consume food frequently, the fat cells in the body sense that there is no shortage of supply. Thus, they reduce their count and release their stored fat as energy. Frequent, smaller meals in between your daily food intake teach this valuable lesson to your body, thereby helping in Weight loss during menopause. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do not skip it if you want to reduce weight.


  • Eating in the right quantity


You must allow your body to get used to smaller and more frequent portions. This helps in considerable weight loss. Although it will take some time, but your body will accept intake of frequent smaller meals over time.

By implementing the above, you can experience significant weight loss after menopause. Not to mention, after you achieve this, you will transform into a healthier, vibrant and joyful person.

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