Bridal Make-Up Tips to Be a Beautiful Bride

You’ve got the dress, the shoes and accessories, you’ve finally sorted your bridesmaids and flowers, even the groom is happy. Now all you need to think about is your make-up. Your on-the-day make-up is the finishing touch to making you a beautiful bride, it needs to enhance, not hide, and make you glow but not shine. So whether you are enlisting the help of a professional or friend or confident doing it yourself, here are a few tips to ensure you look just perfect.

Trial Runs

Whether you intend on applying your own make-up or you are hiring nicole pearl someone in, it’s imperative that you have a trial run-through or two to ensure you are entirely happy with how it’s going to look. If you are using a professional they should be happy to work with you to create the look you want until you are satisfied. Go with some ideas but do listen to what they have to say too as they will have lots of good advice and ideas themselves.

Choosing shades

As with clothes, some colours and shades of make-up will suit you more than others. Colours that compliment, rather than contrast with your colouring are going to be more appropriate on your wedding day. It’s probably best to avoid high-fashion looks as you may regret how this looks on photographs. Depending on the combination of your skin tone, hair and eye colour, some make-up shades will work better with you than others.


If you have naturally light blonde hair, pale skin and light colour eyes you will fall into the Light category. Opt for lighter, paler shades on your eyes and lips such as Melon and Lilac eye shadow and Pink Shell gloss over Natural lip pencil.


Opposites from the Lights you have dark brown to black hair combined with dark eyes and either white to black skin. Keep it deep and rich to match your colouring. Darker accent shades on your eyes such as Mocha or Steel will look great. Try a lip-liner such as Russet on your lips with a gloss such as Sangria or Kazzbar.


You will have beautiful red or auburn colour in your hair together with a warm skin tone (often with freckles) and green or brown eyes. Enhance your natural tones with gold whisper and bayleaf on your eyes and Sheer Copper or Sheer Nutmeg on your lips.


With your ash-tones or grey hair you will be in contrast to the Warms and as such will need to steer clear of any warm toned colours Keep your wonderfully cool looks with Opal or Lagoon on your eyes and Sheer Silk over Posie lip Pencil on your lips.


You have a contrast in your colouring with dark hair combined with bright, jewel-like eyes in green or blue. Work with your contrasting colouring and try Teal eye pencil with Peppermint and Smoke eye shadow and Mango lipgloss.


Your hair is darker blonde to brown, with either a warm or cool skin tone and any colour eyes. Neutral and natural will work best for you so try Apricot and Pewter eye shadow with coffee eye pencil and natural lip pencil with Sheer Nude lipstick.


Achieving a good make-up is a bit like decorating a room: so much of it is in the preparation. In the weeks and months leading up to your wedding you should develop a skincare regime to ensure you have the best possible foundation to work from. This includes:


  • Treating yourself to a facial or two (although make sure your last one is a good week before the big day to give your skin plenty of time to settle).
  • Cleanse and moisturise morning and evening – no excuses.
  • Invest in a day cream, night cream and eye cream. Alternating day and night cream accordingly will benefit your skin more than slapping the same thing on everyday. The gentle eye area will thank you for investing in an eye cream.
  • Use an exfoliating face wash 2-3 times a week to help skin looking rejuvenated.
  • Finally, drinking plenty of water really does help your skin looking hydrated and clear.

On the day give your face a good clean with a gentle exfoliating face wash to get rid of any dead skin cells and make your skin really glow. Then apply a good layer of moisturiser (slightly more than you usually would) and allow plenty of time for it to soak in, I’m talking an hour here, not 10 minutes. If you have hired a professional this is where they take over. If you are applying it yourself, ensure you have allowed plenty of time and you are sitting in good natural daylight and begin:

  • Start with foundation/tinted moisturiser applying lightly with fingertips, it’s better to build it up in fine layers than to slap it on in one thick layer
  • Apply concealer where necessary, tap on gently under the eye area
  • Press loose powder onto your t-zone to stop the shine coming through, and brush off excess
  • Next, the eyes. Apply eye pencil and smudge gently for a softer look. Brush base colour all over the eye socket and use accent colour on the outside corners taking care to blend with the base shade
  • Finish eyes with a good coat of masaca using a zig-zag motion as you work the brush. This will help separate the lashes and get even coverage
  • Apply lip base (Colour Me Beautiful’s is great and really help’s your lip colour last longer), then lip pencil all over the lips. Finish with gloss or lipstick
  • Finally add a gentle sweep of blush powder again apply gently and build up the colour.
  • You’re ready!

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