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For many university students going into their second or third year the whole house hunting fiasco can be a very exciting phrase but once the novelty of viewing student lettings has worn off, the whole process can turn into something a tad more scary. Knowing exactly what to look for when viewing is an essential part of renting or buying a property, and you can refine your house hunting skills right now using these top tips. In fact, why not hold onto them for years to come to bag more brilliant properties!

When viewing student accommodation it is important that you take note, look for the warning signs of a badly kept property and ask all the right questions. Double glazing is one luxury that every rental property should have, not only will it keep the property warm in the winter and cool in the summer, good double glazing will actually keep your heating bills manageable too. It’s also designed to keep noise out, which is great if you are looking for properties in haunts that are popular with your fellow students, especially if you wish to study or enjoy a (rare) quiet night in.

Damp is a major problem and can cause some health 3.5 gram bags complaints as well as create a generally unpleasant place to live. Spotting damp is relatively simple, keep your eyes peeled for wallpaper coming away from the wall, look and feel for damp patches and take a big sniff – damp has a very recognisable, pungent and musty odour.

Remember when looking for properties to view, location is everything. Whilst student accommodation closer to bars, restaurants, shops, campus and other local amenities may cost a little more, weigh this up against the cost of travel, it may just surprise you!

Be on the lookout for the Holy Grail of student lettings – the all-inclusive property. These ‘all bills included’ lets are becoming much rarer, however, they offer weed bags 3.5 excellent solutions for students that aren’t quite ready to manage household bills yet. Make sure your garden is also relatively maintenance free, unless you are particularly green fingered. Gardens are great places to hang out in the summer months but make sure you don’t have to battle through a forest of weeds to light your BBQ.

Always keep safety in mind when viewing your favourite properties, is the house in a good area? Do windows and doors have sufficient security? Is the back garden secured by a fence? Student properties are well known for being prime targets for burglars looking to get their hands of the latest loot of mod cons, so make security tops your list to prevent your belongings from going walkies.

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