Beautiful Carpets for a Beautiful Home

The huge market of carpets has decorated various homes, offices and hotels in a very unique way. The beauty of carpets is that they give a neat and clean look to the area they are laid in. This neat and elegant look enhances the beauty of the area. There are different kinds of carpets available on the market.

Cut and loop piles

This type of carpet is formed by combining looped carpets and cut fibers. They provide a range of textures on the surface along with moderate durability. These types of rugs are available in many colors especially solid ones. It is composed of different layers that have the ability to conceal dirt and foot prints in formal or casual regions.

Saxony carpets

If a carpet has been made with tightly twisted cut piles, the-beautiful-home it is termed as Saxony carpet. In such a carpet, two or more fibers are twisted together resulting in a soft surface texture. These types are ideal for formal areas. Their softness makes them comfortable to use. Even a slightest foot print or mark can be seen on them. Marks from a vacuum cleaner are also visible on these rugs.

Textured Saxony carpets

It is the best selling carpet available on the market today and it works fine in formal as well as informal regions. Such a carpet is made by tightly twisting the fibers and making the surface texture of medium durability. Textured saxony differs from saxony carpets as textured Saxony gives off a multi-color look capable of concealing footprints, stains, and furniture marks.

Plush/velvet carpets

These types of carpets are lightly twisted giving an overall plush look and feel. They are made to provide more level than texture and are therefore quite luxurious and expensive. Its deluxe and elegant look makes it suitable for informal areas.

Frieze carpets

This type of carpet is tightly twisted with features of cut pile and is mostly appropriate for areas of high traffic. It consists of a fiber pattern such that it becomes capable of hiding marks and footprints quite efficiently.

Level loop pile carpets

Such a carpet is made by interlacing even number of loops with carpet backing at both sides. The result of such a weaving is a sturdy carpet which resists stains and marks.  A luxurious look is gained with the higher loops. They have a tendency to filter off any dirt that may accumulate in the carpet.

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